About us

Urban Tees is a family owned and operated custom apparel printing business. As a hobby, we started out creating tees for ourselves as ‘Ballpark Parents’ of an active youth football player.  The other parents LOVED our designs and began to request custom shirts for their own favorite player and Urban Tees was born!

Since then, we have researched and mastered various digital art software and industry related print processes to deliver a wide variety of apparel options for our customers.  

Several years ago, we recognized a growing trend in the custom slides market but not much selection in full-color, affordable options. We wanted to expand the world of custom slides with UNIQUE design options...so the concept of Bling Slides was born to compliment our custom tee business!  

Today, operating as Urban Tees Collection both Urban Tees and Bling Slides providecustomers a unique opportunity to represent their personality, team spirit, and interests of all kinds.